Ascendum (Regency E)
Cincinnati State (Buckeye AB)
DMG (Regency G)
GE (Regency F)
Progress (Bluegrass AB)
9:00 AM
Ascendum (Regency E)25 Years of JavaScript - Why History Matters and What We Can Learn From It
Laura Sprauer
Introductory and overviewBack-EndFront-EndOther
Cincinnati State (Buckeye AB)Four Characteristics of Readable Code
Jake Witcher
IntermediateBack-EndFunctional ProgrammingOther
DMG (Regency G)Sabotage Productivity the CIA Way
Matt Williams
Introductory and overviewProfessional SkillsOther
GE (Regency F)Dungeons, Dragons, and Graph Databases
Guy Royse
Introductory and overviewBack-EndDatabaseData
Progress (Bluegrass AB)Blending Product Thinking with Architecture
Joel Tosi
10:05 AM
Ascendum (Regency E)Punch complexity in the face with RxJS
Josh Carroll
Introductory and overviewFront-EndFunctional Programming
Cincinnati State (Buckeye AB)The Science of Testing
Thomas Haver
Introductory and overviewTesting
DMG (Regency G)Give your Team's New Developers the Best Chance at Success
Jill Karacia
IntermediateProfessional SkillsOther
GE (Regency F)Best Practices for Building With External Apis
Ben Greenberg
Introductory and overviewBack-EndDataOther
Progress (Bluegrass AB)What does it take to scale?
Tyler Jennings
Introductory and overviewBack-EndCloud
11:10 AM
GE (Regency F)Liberate Your Project With Message Queues.
Mark W. Schumann
Progress (Bluegrass AB)Kubernetes Fundamentals
Greg Greenlee
Introductory and overviewCloudDevOps
1:00 PM
Ascendum (Regency E)Common Accessibility Pitfalls: Climbing out, when you fall in.
Chris DeMars
Introductory and overviewFront-EndUXOther
Cincinnati State (Buckeye AB)Seeding the Model: Getting started with ML Kit
Sierra OBryan
Introductory and overviewMobileAI/ML
GE (Regency F)Not Your Father's C#
Brendan Enrick
Introductory and overviewBack-End
Progress (Bluegrass AB)Emoji & Visual Communication
Cassandra Faris
Introductory and overviewMobileProfessional Skills
2:05 PM
Ascendum (Regency E)Hooked on React Hooks!
Janhavi Dahihande
Introductory and overviewFront-EndTesting
Cincinnati State (Buckeye AB)All about JWTs
Stephanie Chamblee
Introductory and overviewSecurity
GE (Regency F)Continuous Performance Testing
Stephen Shary
Progress (Bluegrass AB)Serverless Microservices through Serverless Framework
Tyler Jennings
Introductory and overviewCloudDevOps
3:10 PM
Ascendum (Regency E)Using Web Components Well
Chris Nelson
Cincinnati State (Buckeye AB)Going Schema-less: How to migrate a relational database to a NoSQL database
Chad Green
DMG (Regency G)How to be Right, A Lot
Sho Fola
Introductory and overviewProfessional Skills
GE (Regency F)Intro to Application Architecture and Scalability
Matt Eland
Introductory and overviewBack-EndDatabaseCloud
Progress (Bluegrass AB)Test Driven Development for Skeptics
Paul Roub
IntermediateProfessional SkillsTesting