Presented by:Chris Nelson
The word is out about web components. They are getting used in production apps from big companies, and are well supported by all the major browsers. However, they are still relatively new to us as developers and designers. There are wonderful things you can do with web components! There are also terrible, awful things you can do with web components! In this session, we will share what we've learned building several applications using web components in an effort to help you know the difference. We'll talk about how to effectively manage state in a web component application, how to share styles from a larger application with a web component, and some ideas for using web components in ways you might not have considered. We'll look at some tooling and libraries available to make building web components easy and fun. Expect to come away from this session not just knowing how to use web components, but how to use them effectively in ways you might not have thought of.
Level: IntermediateTags:Front-End, UX